David Dwyer has been in the construction industry since 2000.  His career started at Skanska USA Building starting as a project engineer and growing in the company to his last role as a project executive.  His vast experience as a general contractor working in a variety of market segments and complexities from healthcare, high tech, biopharmaceutical, higher education, public, commercial, etc shaped is background and ability to flex to any type of construction project and any type of client.  He’s learned and experienced and seen the best and not-so-good projects providing a basis of best practices with character and culture at its foundation:  collaboration, trust, accountability, urgency, and a get-it-done attitude.

“There’s nothing more satisfying to me than being part of a team building a project together. With many years in construction and leadership, the best part of building is in the people that I get to work with and serve. The projects are always challenging, and each one is custom which keeps it fresh and exciting.  My heart is to serve the team and our clients with excellence in everything I do. I will lead, listen, and drive to meet the project goals every day. I also see that our industry needs improvement in how we deliver projects – to be more efficient and innovative. My goal is to help re-shape how we do business – to be more streamlined and efficient saving the team time and money!”

David is happily married with three kids a lab and lives in Tualatin, OR, He enjoys golf, camping, traveling, exercising, and most of all spending time with his family.


Ensure the fulfillment of the client’s scope, budget, and schedule objectives to advance their business goals by active and hands-on leadership


Leading and executing client’s vision


  • Experience ensuring excellence
  • Integrity, humility, gratitude
  • Urgency, drive, responsiveness

State of Oregon registered Emerging Small Growth (ESB) #13760