Dwyer Construction Management and Consulting LLC is a full-service construction and project management company overseeing and managing the scope, schedule, budget, and project team for a variety of clients in numerous market segments. 

The overall approach to project and construction management is provide active leadership to ensure the project objectives are fulfilled. 

Essential values to our leadership style are integrity, collaboration, and communication for the benefit and the successful completion of the project.

We utilize proven best practices and tools to monitor and manage budget, schedule, sustainability goals, and programming objectives.   

We oversee and monitor critical project elements to keep them on track and holding all parties accountable. We manage risk appropriately problem-solving to mitigate issues from causing costly impacts to the project.  We apply our experience and knowledge to lookout for potential issues and conflicts, proactively issues and leading the team to optimal solutions.

Our project management services include:

·  Owner’s representation

·  Design team, contractor, and specialty consultant procurement, selection, and management to get the right team on board for the client’s culture and project type

·  Entitlement, jurisdictional, and permit management to help navigate and properly set the stage for the development of the future state of the product type

·  Design process oversight ensuring scope objectives are fulfilled and the client’s functional goals, aesthetic desires, sustainability objectives are met

·  Issue tracking and resolution to be the client’s problem-solver, teeing up cost-effective solutions for problems along the way and maintain a positive team culture along the way

·  Performing document reviews and document control to provide the client with high quality project documents and a repository for future us

·  Budget development, value engineering, cost control, and budget management to keep the project on target and find creative ways to reduce costs if overruns occur

·  Invoice and payment requisitions management to ensure spends are in alignment with commitments, work performed, and eliminating invoicing scams, holding contractors, vendors accountable to contract requirements

·  Construction delivery method evaluation working with contractor to make sure construction means and methods are in keeping with client’s ongoing operations, design requirements, jurisdictional restrictions, neighboring property sensitivities, etc

·  Schedule and phasing development, monitoring, and management to ascertain project schedule milestones are maintained and solving schedule issues before the impact the end date

·  Commissioning and sustainability procurement, selection, and management

·  Risk management and project reporting to keep the client informed of the scope, schedule, budget, and team objectives, issues, and necessary decisions

·  FF&E, signage, technology procurement, selection, and management

·  Move management to help the client take possession and move-in

Closeout management and warranty management